Question: Hi There! I’m In Desperate Need Of A Hair Makeover And I’d Like To Get It Done Before Christmas. However I’m Torn Between Highlights And Full Colour. I Have Always Gone Darker And Have Loved It But Now With The Lighter Brown Everyone Else Loves It. I’m On The Fence. What Would Deciding Factors Be When Choosing Colour… I.e. Complexion, Length Etc. Thanks So Much!

Hi there! I'm in desperate need of a hair makeover and I'd like to get it done before Christmas. However I'm torn between highlights and full colour. I have always gone darker and have loved it but now with the lighter brown everyone else loves it. I'm on the fence. What would deciding factors be when choosing colour... i.e. complexion, length etc. Thanks so much!



The most important deciding factor when you want to choose your hair colour is your level of comfort. If you are willing to go the mile with a colour that suits you and you are willing to stick it out no matter what then the rest will be really easy. Remember that you will have this look for a while before you change again so it’s very important that you like it.
Your next factor will be your texture of your hair, followed by your skin tone and then your maintenance and lifestyle. Texture allows us to do all kinds of things with our hair and if your hair texture is too sensitive it might not allow for the colour or style to look its best. Breakage and damage might ruin the over all look and will end up setting you back a lot more in Rands than you bargained for in thought. Your skin tone will determine whether you will be able to wear a warm of a cool toned colour. Some women might look amazing in red, but won’t look as good as a blonde. Some women are lucky enough to be able to wear just about any shade of hair colour and can get away with it being either warm or cool . Once you have determined and decided along with your stylist which would suit you best it’s time to consider maintenance and lifestyle. You might love the idea of highlights and for the first time doing it, it might seem like a really good idea, but later on when you need to have them done again it might be a little most costly than you would have expected. Choosing a colour that suits your pocket as much as it suits you lifestyle is very important. If you are a gym bunny and swim a lot then a bright red might not be such a great idea as the colour will wash out very quickly. If you hate spending hours at the salon and would prefer to go every now and then to touch up your colour then opting for a colour rinse might be a better ideal for you. You would also need to consoder home care for the colour that you have chosen and also your styling methods for the style you choose. Short hair might not need as much attention as longer hair when it comes styling but it still nedds to be maintained and cared for so think of how much dedication  you can apply to your choice before jumping into something new.

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