Question: Hi, In My Very Younger Days, I Plucked My Eyebrows, I Over Did It To Such An Extent That It Did Not Grow Back. I Got Eyebrow Tattoos And Fill Them With A Pencil. The Last Year Or So, The Have Been A Few New Hairs, But Hardly Any. Is There Any Product I Can Apply To Grow Back My Eyebrows? I Miss Them!!

Hi, In my very younger days, I plucked my eyebrows, I over did it to such an extent that it did not grow back. I got eyebrow tattoos and fill them with a pencil. the last year or so, the have been a few new hairs, but hardly any. Is there any product I can apply to grow back my eyebrows? I miss them!!


Hi Jacky

I am the hair expert but I can help you.
There is a product out on the market which I think Sorbet retail.
It is called RAPIDLASH and it works miracles. All my clients that have used it have said that their hair has grown back amazingly.
Good luck!
MIRRORS hair lab

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