Question: Hi, I’ve Given Birth Recently And Started A New Contraceptive About 2 Months Ago. As Of Late, I Permanently Have Very Red Cheeks. Could It Be Hormonal Or Would You Say It’s A Skin Condition?

Hi, I've given birth recently and started a new contraceptive about 2 months ago. As of late, I permanently have very red cheeks. Could it be hormonal or would you say it's a skin condition?


Having gone through all the hormonal changes that you have with your pregnancy and now your body slowly normalising and hormones going through some fluctuations again, it is most likely a hormonal issue. Make sure that you are using adequate sun protection on a daily basis. It’s not a good idea to go onto any medical aesthetics treatments or prescriptions if you are still breast feeding. But please, keep your skin well hydrated and protected from the sun, and if this problem persists after another month or so, I would suggest making an appointment with a medical aesthetic Doctor. Rather one of these Doctors than a dermatologist, as these Dr’s are also fully qualified GP’s, and then have specialised Skin Care and Medical Aesthetics training over and above this. Consider making an appointment at one of the Skin & Body Renewal Centres.

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