Question: Hi, My Face Is Giving Me Problems. I Growing Pimps At A Crazy Rate, As One Goes Down Another Grows. Its Both Blackheads And The Big Pimps That Don’t Surface. I’m Vegetarian And Have A Pretty Good Diet And Exercise. I’d Also Want To Find Out What I Can Use For Stretch Marks Have Used Most Commercial Tissue Oil And Nothing. Thanks, Anele

Hi, My face is giving me problems. I'm growing pimps at a crazy rate - as one goes down another grows. It's both blackheads and the big pimps that don't surface. I'm vegetarian and have a pretty good diet and exercise. I'd also want to find out what I can use for stretch marks have used most commercial tissue oil and nothing. Thanks, Anele


Hi Anele.

To me that sounds like a hormonal problem. Sometimes taking the contraceptive pill could clear that. You should go see a dermatologist if the problem persists.

As for your stretch marks, embrace them…you, myself as well as all the natural women in this world are just tigers who have earned your stripes. If you really can’t handle them then you should try microdermabrasion or lazer treatments.

Hope that helps.

Stay Beautiful…Indulge yourself

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