Question: How Best Can I Apply Eyeliner And Eyeshades That Looks Good The Whole Day?

How best can I apply eyeliner and eyeshades that looks good the whole day?



Everything starts with having really good products. It doesn’t have to be very pricey, but it has to be good enough to last. For eyeshadows you can try anything that’s made by a good cosmetics house. Eye shadows set in a matte powder form usually last the longest and are the best for setting liquid eye liner as well as blending and shading. If you want a temporary eyelash fix then try the lashes available at Woolworths, Inglot or MAC. They last through a few wears without looking too tacky. You have to treat them gently though because it’s so thin, but the best way to get them to stick whenever you are going to use them is by getting a separate adhesive. The ones that come in the boxes can be a little useless so I tend to buy an additional adhesive in case I need to use them in a hurry. This also keeps them on for longer than the adhesive it generally comes with and it’s safe to use at all times. Make sure when you are starting out the whole process that your eyelids are dry and free of any oils. You may want to try out lash extentions as well as you can still use your regular make-up with the added benefit of not losing your lashes at the end of the evening. When you are removing your make-up, use a product that is free of alcohol because this loosens the adhesive and will make your lashes come out before the time they’re meant to. It may cost a bit more, but once you have them done they can be quite addictive.

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