Question: How can I care for my dreadlocks and stop my hairline from dissappearing?

I need tips on how to care for my dreadlocks and stop my hairline from dissappearing


Dreadlocks are made up predominantly of hair that has come loose from the scalp but has not been shed due to the deadlocking process. Imagine all the hair that has been shed from your head remaining attached in the form of a dreadlock and it will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. The biggest problem facing people with dreadlocks is dryness. The hair is dead and has no direct source of moisture, therefore the moisture must be put back into the hair through conditioners, treatments and aftercare products. The use of sulphate-free shampoos and conditioning washes (a co-wash is when you use conditioner only to cleanse your hair) will help prevent the hair from drying out. When re-touching your locks try and use a product that isn’t too waxy or that won’t coat the hair. Your aftercare products also should penetrate the hair and not coat it. Products that coat the hair will cause dryness and this is what you’re trying to avoid.

As far as your hairline is concerned you could start by asking your stylist not to twist your hair so tight. If your dreadlocks are quite thick or long then the weight of the hair will also put strain on the hairline. As long as there is still hair present there are products you can use that will promote hair growth, but if the skin along the hairline is smooth then there is nothing you can do. If you do still have hair present the only way to prevent the hairline from breaking is to stop dreading. As with any hairline problem that is caused by putting strain on the hair, you have to stop doing what is causing the problem, otherwise it will continue until there is nothing there. I would suggest not twisting the dreads so tight and making them smaller. If you are pulling your dreads back into a ponytail then you have to stop doing that as well as it adds more strain on the hairline.

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