Question: How Can I Get A Quick Sexy Smoky Look?

How can I get a quick sexy smoky look?


Hi Tanya,
I’ve actually acnswered this question before, but I’ll repeat it again because I simply LOVE a smoky eye…

Everyone can do a smoky eye; the most popular smoky eye is the dark black look. However, a smoky eye doesn’t have to be done with black. "Smoky" refers rather to the effect of the look. If you feel that a black smoky eye is too dramatic for your liking, try one of these combos (for your eye colour):

Beige and plum/purple – the purple contrasts with brown/hazel eyes and will make them "pop".
Gold and green –- the green will bring out the green hues in the hazel of your eyes.

Here’s how to get the perfect smoky eye:
1. When applying foundation, make sure you apply it to the eyelids as well.
2. Use 1 colour (in this case, let’s say beige) and apply only on the eyelid (up to the crease).
3. On the outside of the eyelid, from the corner of the eye to the crease, apply the plum colour in a "C" shape; try not to go past the outer corner of the eye.
4. Use a flat, straight-edged brush, and brush along the edges of the two colours (where the colours meet) so that you can blend and create the smoky effect. You can also blend upwards (but not too close to the eyebrow).
5. Above the plum shadow, apply a pearl or white shadow to fill in the space between the crease and eyebrow.
6. Using the same plum, you can apply the shadow either a quarter way under the eye or all the way under the eye, blend using the straight-edged brush.
7. Follow with 2 coats of mascara.
8. If you want to go more dramatic, apply black eyeliner to the water line (inside of the bottom lid).

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