Question: How can I get glowing skin?

Hi doc I have a dull skin and I've tried several face creams but they don't work. I want something that can make my skin glow.


Skin that loses its glow and becomes sallow and dull usually indicates that the skin is dry with a thickened outer layer of the epidermis. The best way to tackle this problem is to use a cleanser that is gentle on the skin and with a balanced pH. Avoid using a toner as most toners may dry out the skin further. Apply a moisturizer that contains an ingredient known as hydroxy acids and even vitamin E, vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid will provide lasting moisture without irritation. Use a hydrating sunscreen and a breathable foundation. By taking omegas every day you can hydrate your skin from the inside. It is also a good opportunity to get your thyroid gland tested as your thyroid gland plays an important role in your skin condition. Include a monthly superficial chemical peel in your skin care routine as this will remove the old, dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to rejuvenate quicker. If you choose to exfoliate at home, only do this once a week to avoid irritating the skin too much.

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