Question: How can I get rid of dark spots?

Hi Dr, I have dark spots and pimples all over my body and especially on my face. It is very stressful, would you please recommend some products that I can use?


Thank you very much for posting your question. In my experience, cases like yours are usually not just a topical issue. Ninety percent of the time, the problem has started with something internal, which is manifesting on the skin. So topical products are only going to give you some relief, it is not going to completely solve your problem. In a case like this, I would highly recommend that you come to see one of our Health Renewal Doctors so that we can aim to treat the internal cause, so as to stop the problem form being triggered and continuing. As far as using product on the skin itself, you are going to need, at the very least, a very good SPF and Tyrosinase inhibitor (I recommend Heliocare SPF and Lamelle Brighter Concentrate) for this purpose to stop the dark marks. To treat the spots, I recommend Lamelle’s Active Control Gel. But this is going to be a temporary solution until you get the underlying cause treated. Why don’t you contact your nearest branch? You can find us on

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