Question: How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes?

Hi Dr, I would like to know what eye cream you would recommend for dark circles under my eyes? Unfortunately, I do get 8 hours sleep every night and I do have a great skincare routine. It's genet. Please help.


Thanks so much for your question. In a case like this, it’s quite difficult to give you help, if I haven’t actually seen your eyes. If you’re saying that this is something that you struggle with as it is genetic, I’m afraid a cream may not actually be the answer. If the dark circles are there because the cavity of the eye socket is quite deep, then this is something we can simply solve with volume restoration with a bit of under eye filler. If it is due to poor circulation and drainage around the eyes, then there are a few things we could look at, namely some Carboxy Therapy around the eyes to dramatically increase the blood and lymph circulation. There are also a few eye products that can assist with this, but the creams on their own take a while to show any improvement, the Skin Medica eye products are really great. If the dark circles are a combination of circulatory issues as well as the skin around the eyes sagging, you may need to consider some laser around the eye area as well.  But as I’ve said, I’d love to be able to give you much more thorough and tailor made advice, but I’d need to have a look at your eyes. Are you close enough to any of our Skin Renewal branches to come in so we can have a look? Or could you have a look at our website and have a look at our results with eyes and give me an idea more or less if your eyes fall into any of those “categories”. We’d love to be able to give you the help you need.

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