Question: How can I increase my iron levels?

I am in my 20's, I eat healthy and exercise at least 3 times a week. I have suffered from Anaemia since I was 16 and take an iron supplement everyday but would love to know what else I could do/eat to up my iron levels?


Hi reader

Many women suffer from a low-grade chronic anaemia which is naturally prolonged through regular menses. One can control the rate of blood loss by using a combined oral contraceptive pill or through tranexamic acid, or increase your iron supplementation keeping in mind that not every iron supplement is equal. Elemental iron is stabilized in a salt form in a product and the type of salt form will determine the side effect profile of the product, so some products may cause constipation and nausea for instance. Iron absorption can also be increased by taking it together with folate and vitamin C, once again quality of product stands out when it comes to efficacy, so I recommend folate above folic acid; esther-C (calcium ascorbate) above ascorbic acid and iron bisglycinate above iron sulphate. Important dietary sources of iron include lean meats, seafood, white beans, fortified cereals (for those who are not wheat intolerant) oysters and dark chocolate (75% cocoa.)

Best regards

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