Question: How Can I Keep My Hands And Neck Looking Young?

How can I keep my hands and neck looking young?


What a great question! Thanks so much for asking it! Hands and necks are dead give-aways when it comes to ageing and this is a common problem. Action plan number ONE is to make sure that you are applying a good, broad spectrum SPF to these areas every single day, come rain or shine. Plan number two, is to treat the condition that you can see in that/those areas, so for example, identify the issues and tackle them with your active ingredients. So, is the skin hyper-pigmented and full of age spots; is there loose, hanging skin; are there dehydration lines all over the place? We would then have to look at prescribing the best products for the issues that you can see on that skin. For wrinkling and hanging skin, we need to introduce the use of growth factors (Essential Serum by Skin Medica OR Lamelle’s Dermaheal growth factor serum). If we can see discolouration and age spots, we need to sort out the pigmentation, so I would suggest something like Lumixyl. If there are dehydration lines and your skin just looks “dull”, then a powerful anti-oxidant serum and some hydrating products (Skin Ceuticals Ploretin CF serum and/or Lamelle HA Serum). If you have more than one of these conditions present, you are going to need to look at a combination of products, but this is quite difficult to advise you on if I cannot physically look at your skin. The other thing that would be MOST helpful for you to consider is to have a treatment for your hands and neck once a month. Just a light peel and some Laser Genesis, or if you can consider injectable mesotherapy, these would really help you a great deal. Again, it would be best if I had a bit more info, or if I could see you to really give you a clear “prescription”. I hope I’ve given you some helpful advice.

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