How can I treat natural afro hair?

Hi Phepa i have natural afro hair(like Pearl Thusi) I’m trying to grow it very long in its natural state, I look after it quiet well but when it reaches collarbone length it breaks at the crown there are also a lot of short(fairy hairs) I’m not sure if this hair is new or broken hair, & it happens every year no matter what I do ends are also a lot thinner than the inside of my hair which means I have to keep cutting it, What can I do to stop breakage?


The biggest problem with natural afro hair is that it never grows evenly & that’s because the hair always coils itself down. Also the nature of the hair is dry, my advice is that always brush the hair while you still have conditioner on, using a wide tooth comb or brush, never use a close tooth comb as that will promote breakage. Lastly try not to sleep on cotton pillows instead try silk or polyester pillows, these materials will provide less friction.

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