Question: How do I go about choosing skincare products?

I have no idea what skincare products will be the best for me - I've heard a lot about Clarins and Clinique. I have a combination skin with no major issues - only breakouts once a month. What would you suggest? I'm 24.


Thanks very much for your question. To be perfectly honest, there are a few things you should consider before choosing your products.

1) Is your skin very sensitive? (Does your skin get red and sore very quickly when going into the sun? or after you cleanse?)

2) Is your skin very dark? Very pale? What skin type are you?

3) Do the breakouts bother you?

If you want a very general guideline, I would say be very picky when choosing your sunblock and your moisturiser, because if there are no real “issues or concerns” on your skin, then those 2 products are the most important. I highly recommend Heliocare SPF or Neoretin SPF. As a moisturiser I would choose something that is going to really preserve my skin as much as possible, so I would pick something that is high in potent antioxidants. Something like Lamelle’s Nourish moisturiser.

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