Question: How Does One Get Rid Of Black Heads And How Can They Be Kept At Bay?

How does one get rid of black heads and how can they be kept at bay?


Hi there. Thank you so much for your enquiry. This is quite a common problem, and there isn’t a once off quick fix for this, unfortunately. The very first step is to make sure you are using the appropriate products on your skin at home. You need to ensure that you have products that give you sufficient hydration and protection. You need to make sure you are using a good facial sunblock that does not have comedogenic ingredients in it. So make sure that your facial products are not the cause of blockages in your skin. Then along with this, given the pollutants and things that we are exposed to in today’s hectic everyday life, you really do need to consider going for monthly deep cleansing treatments on your skin. This is really important for men and women alike. Lastly, your lifestyle is important. What you’re eating and drinking and how you take care of yourself definitely manifests on your skin. The best advice I can give you in terms of using the correct products and getting the treatment you require, is to go and make an appointment with one of our highly capapble medical aesthetic doctors or therapists who will give you the best advice in terms of products and treatment. Your lifestyle… well that’s your part of the recipe.

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