Question: How Does One Minimize Wrinkles When Going Out?

How does one minimize wrinkles when going out?


It really does depend on how severe they are, and where they are? There are some great products for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, such as Skin Medica’s Line Refine. But honestly I’m going to rather suggest that you treat the problem so that you don’t have to do “quick cover ups”. I’ve heard of all sorts of “quick fixes” such as applying hemorrhoid cream to the area…Now while those are all temporary fixes while you are going about your daily life, those very areas you are trying to “quick fix” or “cover up” are worsening every day. So why not just do something about the cause of the problem and improve your skin as much as you can while you are at it, so that you don’t have to “quick fix” and so that you have less skin issues later in life? Come and see us at one of our Skin Renewal Branches and let us help you with this?

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