Question: How much hair loss is normal?

Hi there. I have a few problems with my hair. Firstly, I have noticed that my hair is falling out, maybe more than what is required as "normal". Also, my hair is very oily - or so I think. I can wash my hair today, leave it unwashed tomorrow, but I have to wash it the next day because it is way too greasy and dirty. Thirdly, I have a very dry scalp. My question is that what shampoo and conditioner can you recommend? I know a lot of people say that you shouldn't use conditioner if you have oily hair, but if I don't use it, my hair has so many knots that I can barely brush it. Can you also recommend a product that I can use for heat protection that won't make my hair oily? Thanks!


Hi there. The normal amount of hair to lose is approximately 100 hairs a day. If you are concerned  that your hair loss is above that, then you should check your diet and your iron level.

Conditioner is meant for the hair and should not be applied onto the scalp as it can create a build up. The purpose of conditioner is to remove static, to add shine and give manageability to the hair. It is a necessary part of the hair care regime.

If your scalp is flaking, I would recommend that you use a shampoo such as the Philip Kingsley Itchy/Flakey and possibly the Philip Kingsley scalp treatments.

For a heat protector, if you have fine hair, you can use the Serioxyl  Heat Protector and use the rest of the range to increase and stimulate your hair density . If you have normal to thick hair, you can use the Morocconoil Heat Protection Spray.

Thank you,

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