Question: How to look after your skin on a budget

I don't have a huge budget for cosmetics, however, I'd like to start looking after my skin properly. Which products are worth spending a little extra on, and which with ones can I go for the cheaper option?


Thank you for your question. It is very wise to be conscientious about what you spend your budget on. The most important thing to spend your money on are the “active products”, ie. the ones that are going to give you the result you’re looking for. So I would say, a good SPF, and a good anti-Oxidant cream or serum for the day, and a good retinoid serum or cream for the night. As for your other products, use an affordable cleanser, don’t even worry about using a toner at all, and if you really want to use a mask or exfoliator, then you just use those once a week or so, and these also do not need to be very expensive options.

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