Question: I Am 21 Years Old. What Can I Do To Minimise Large Pores On My Face?

I am 21 years old. What can I do to minimise large pores on my face?


Thank-you so much for your question. While the correct home care regime is vitally important, this is unfortunately not something that can be addressed by products alone. Once pores have become enlarged, it is quite a challenge to make them appear small and fine again. It requires monthly “cleaning-out” of the pores by means of an active, deep-cleansing facial. You are also going to have to consider having some laser genesis, and possibly some chemical peeling to get that skin working properly again and to get your skin becoming a bit more refined and renewing itself properly. Why not visit a medical aesthetic Doctor or therapist to have a good look at your skin and your concerns and make sure you get the very best prescription from day one. Going for random treatments and just “trying out” products for the sake of trying it, is also a big financial layout and you want to make sure you get wat is definitely going to help you from day 1!

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