Question: I Am 34 Yrs Old And Would Like To Know What Products I Can Use On My Face To Prevent Wrinkles And To Get Rid Of The Blemish I Have On My Fore Head? I Have Combination Skin.

I am 34 yrs old and would like to know what products I can use on my face to prevent wrinkles and to get rid of the blemish I have on my fore head? I have combination skin.


Thank-you so much for your enquiry. I would really love to give you the best prescription for your particular condition, which is not always that easy if I haven’t had a good look at your skin. There are also a few things to take into account, such as your budget constraints, your skin type (are you light skinned or dark skinned?), what is your skin’s texture like, do you have any sun damage at present and how severe is this? I can give you what I feel is the best advice with the information you’ve given me. As you start ageing and if ageing is your main concern, I would definitely say there are some important things that you need to incorporate in your skin care regime, namely retinol or Vitamin A to be used at night. Incorporating growth factors to “wake-up” that skin and start getting your cells turning over and functioning properly, and anti-oxidants, to protect you from getting any further damage. There are great products out there with really great quality and concentrations of Growth Factors in them, at our Skin Renewal Branches we have Skin Medica and Lamelle’s Dermaheal products which are really fabulous. We also have products containing the right concentrations of retinol for anti-ageing from Skin Ceuticals, Skin Medica, Neostrata or Lamelle. Lamelle’s Nourish Range or Skin Ceuticals serums are fantastic with their anti-oxidants. Also bear in mind that the old idea of “sticking to one range” is not the best idea. You really want to start thinking about “integrated skin care”. Cherry pick the best from the best and do what works BEST for your skin. So the basic idea, for example would be: 1) Cleanse with something active that encourages skin resurfacing EG Exfoliating Wash from Neostrata; 2) Day time use an antioxidant serum (EG Skin Ceuticals anti-oxidant serum), with a good Growth Factor Cream over this (EG Dermaheal Day Cream); 3) At night alternate between a growth factor product and a strong retinol (Eg Tri-retinol from Skin Medica). I would suggest however that, if you are at all able, please come in for a consult so that we can do what is best for YOUR skin.

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