Question: I Am Attending A Function Soon… Only Problem Is, It’s At Night Time. I Need Some Tips On Choosing Make-up For The Evening. I Am Going To Wear A Purple Top And White Pants. I Have Dark Brown Hair. Please Help

I am attending a function soon... only problem is, its at night time. I need some tips on choosing makeup for the evening. I am going to wear a purple top and white pants. I have dark brown hair. Please help


Hi Charne

Evening make-up differs from day make-up, in that, it can be more dramatic! Currently, I’m obsessed with liquid liner, so I’m going to give you MY fave make-up application (that I use day and night, its perfect!). It suits any look, and any complexion.

Apply a tinted moisturiser as you would a regular moisturiser.
Follow with concealer on the areas you feel need extra coverage (usually under the eyes, dark patches on the skin).
Apply foundation with a wet sponge (this ensures that the foundation is applied evenly and with minimal coverage).
Use a bronzer! This has to be my fave make-up item, I do not go without it! Apply it under your cheeks, and on the outside edges of the forehead and jawline. Do not apply to the centre of the forehead, nose, or chin.
Use a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend up towards the ears. 
For the eyes – I usually just use a liquid liner, in a medium thickness. However, being an evening event, you can use a cream shimmer shadow, or if you want to go more dramatic, you can use a plum. Apply the liquid liner to the top lash line, and finish with two coats of mascara.
The lips – if you have kept your eyes neutral (just the liner or cream shadow) you can play up the lips a little. Use a lip balm and follow with a lip colour. I love this look with a hint of red on the lips. use your fingertip and just ‘dab’ the colour on. It should not be a bold red, just a subtle hint of colour that looks as though it is your natural lip shade. IF you use a darker colour shadow, then keep the lips neutral by just applying  a lip balm and a nude colour lipstick.


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