Question: I Am Using Tretinoin From Prescription From Dermatology Doctor At Night Time. Day Time, I Use Sveeno Sunblock 30spf And Corrector Dak Spot From Clinique. I Would Like To Use Face Mask For My Combination Skin. I Read About Bee Venom Face Mask. Could I Use It Day Time? Would It Cause Any Side Effect? Please Give Me Advice. Thank You, Xiu

I am using tretinoin from prescription from dermatology doctor at night time. Day time, i use sveeno sunblock 30spf and corrector dak spot from Clinique. I would like to use face mask for my combination skin. I read about bee venom face mask. Could I use it day time? Would it cause any side effect? Please give me advice. Thank you, Xiu


Hi there Xiu. Thanks so much for your enquiry. I always tell patients to be very gentle with their skins while they are on prescription Tretinoin. It is very good that you are using a moisturizer and a good sunblock. Be very careful not to use too many products that are very active as your skin is already sensitized and compromised by the Tretinoin. So to be safe, I would suggest that you make sure you use a good moisturizer and SPF, and maybe a hydrating serum to help you keep that sensitivity under control and this will also help you to start evening out your combination skin. I would wait until my Tretinoin course is finished before introducing any more actives. I hope that I’ve been helpful. If you really, really have you heart set on using this mask, then I would say use it once a week MAX, and do not leave it on for too long, and if it causes you ANY sensitivity or irritation, STOP immediately, and you can keep it until your prescription meds are finished and you are done with your treatment course before applying it again.

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