Question: I Am Very Concerned About My Skin, At Any Time In The Day, My Skin Will Start Itching And Leaves Red Patches Like Mosquito Bites On My Face And Only On My Face. After A While The Itchness Will Subside As Well As The Redness. I Have Very Sensitive Skin And I Have Very Oily Skin. What Are The Best Products That I Can Use. Thank You.

I am very concerned about my skin, at any time in the day, my skin will start itching and leaves red patches like mosquito bites on my face and only on my face. After a while the itchness will subside as well as the redness. I have very sensitive skin and I have very oily skin. What are the best products that i can use. Thank you.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this issue. I’m not sure that I can be of too much help without actually having a look at your skin and talking to you in a proper consultation. This problem can be caused by any number or things and if we don’t treat the correct problem, we won’t be effective in helping you. Some things that I can tell you to do that will only be beneficial to you, is the following; 1) You have to be using a proper, broad spectrum SPF every single day 2) I would very highly recommend that you go onto a good skin supplement. I recommend the Ovelle capsules made by Lamelle. Yu want to build your skin’s strength and immunity. Then we need to look at your skin’s sensitivity issues. What is causing them and how to treat the cause. It could be an incorrect product choice, it could be an allergy, it could be any number of things, and we need to establish what that is first, before just randomly trying things and hoping we give you the right thing. Could you perhaps give me some more info so that I can help you? What product are you using and how are you using them (how often at what tine of the day?). Also, do you have any allergies or conditions that may affect your skin? Have you recently changed any medications or started taking any medication? I would really like o give you the very best advice.

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