Question: I Burn Easily

My job requires me to drive around almost everyday. From the beginning of this year I have become much darker even though I use sunblock with an SPF 50 (from Elizabeth Arden). Is there anything else I can do to protect my skin?


Thanks so much for your question. Over the years I have found that sunblocks can be a tricky product to pick, especially for people who are constantly being exposed to the sun. In your case where you are constantly in the car, in and out of heat and air-conditioning, I’m going to be honest and say YOUR sunblock has got to be your most important product. I am very impressed with the Heliocare sun protection range. I use it myself and I have not yet had any of my patients unhappy with it. You can come and have a look at the range and see what is best suited for your skin at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches as we carry the full range at our clinics.

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