Question: I By Accident Came Across An Article About Bellagenix And Veloura Anti-aging Creams And Serums. A Lot Of Fuss Was (is) Made Of The Two Products. What Is Your View On The Products?

I by accident came across an article about Bellagenix and Veloura anti-aging creams and serums. A lot of fuss was (is) made of the two products. What is your view on the products?


Thanks so much for your question. To be perfectly honest, I have not tried these products for myself, so it is quite hard to give you a real answer. I’ve also had a look at the make-up of the products and although there is not a lot of detailed information on what exactly is in them, the few ingredient listings that I have been able to find, do list really great ingredients. The questions is, HOW MUCH, (what concentration) of those ingredients are actually in the jars? So as I said, some of the ingredients in the products are really great ingredients, and there is a great amount of research on botanicals, peptides and collagen induction etc, but I have not tried this for myself so I have no idea how the product feels or how active they are. There is certainly a lot of writing, as you say, that really make a big hype and many people swear by them. At the end of the day, you have to use what works for you.

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