Question: I Can Not Seem To Find A Good Foundation,i Have Very Oily Skin And I Dont Want Something That Is Too Much.Rather Something That Is Light Nd Does Not Look To Much.Please Help

I can not seem to find a good foundation,i have very oily skin and i dont want something that is too much.Rather something that is light nd does not look to much.Please help


Thank you so much for your query. Without a doubt, I can highly recommend the Lycogel treatment foundations. They are breathable foundations that contain fantastic ingredients (such as anti-inflammatory and soothing ingreadients), they also have an SPF function and they do not cake and cause blockages in the skin. We use these for our laser clients and clients who have had all sorts of treatments on the skin, so they are really suitable for even the most sensitive skins. What I also love is that you do not have to scrub your skin to get the foundation off, as it is completely breathable so if you are “not good” at removing your foundation properly, you are still not going to get clogging and congestion on your skin. Should you wish to go and try and test which of these is best for you, please stop in at one of our Skin Renewal Branches and go and try out and find the colour that best suits your skin.

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