Question: I can’t get control of my pigmentation, help!

Hi I've struggled with hyper pigmentation my whole life I've resorted to trying almost everything out there with no results. are there any affordable products that i can use?


Sadly, this is the story of many, many people out there. Pigmentation can be very tricky to treat. Unfortunately the problem comes when the wrong products are used, and the wrong advice is given for the type of pigmentation that you have. If your pigmentation is triggered due to hormones, then unfortunately, products can really only get you so far. If your pigmentation is very deep (ie Dermal), then very often, the products sold over the counter in pharmacies and department stores are ineffective, as they cannot get deep enough to work on that area. So in order to give you the kind of help that is actually going to give you results, we need to ascertain what type of pigmentation you have, otherwise you are still not going to see a change. Are you close to any of our branches, so that you can get to see me or one of our doctors to assess your skin? You can find our locations at

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