Question: I colored my hair from black to blond and now it is very dry and damaged. What can I do?

Hi there, I do hope you can help me. I colored my hair a few months back from black to blond which was a stupid mistake as my hair is very dry and damaged at the moment. I have tried from tresseme to dark and lovely to swartzkopp- nothing works! Anything you can recommend I use to make my hair healthy again? Thanks!


Unfortunately there is no way to undo the damage that has been caused.  All you can do now is try to maintain the hair in the healthiest possible way. I would recommend no more chemical services what so ever. The hair needs to be treated regularly,  once or twice a week, alternating with protein and moisture products. You should also trim your hair regularly (every 6-8weeks). Getting your hair back into a good condition is a process and is going to take time and patience.  Products I can recommend to use on your hair would be Kerastase Bain Force shampoo and Kerastase masque force architecte as a protein and kerastase bain nutri thermique shampoo and the Kerastase nutrition thermique masque and or conditioner (conditioner for everyday use) for moisture. Masques must be kept on the hair for at least 15min. I would recommend a in salon treatment as well once a month. Either The Kerastase Vita Cement or Kerastase Concentre Oleo Fusion.

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