Question: I Damaged My Nail Almost 10 Years Ago, I Closed A Car Door On My Right Index Finger And It Hasn’t Grown Properly Ever Since. It Chips And Breaks All The Time. Is There Any Way Of Fixing The Problem Or Something I Could Use So That I Can Grow My Nail Naturally?

I damaged my nail almost 10 years ago, I closed a car door on my right index finger and it hasn't grown properly ever since. It chips and breaks all the time. Is there any way of fixing the problem or something I could use so that I can grow my nail naturally?


If it’s been that long, it usually is unlikely it will grow back 100 % normally. I’d recommend trying Nailologie – it’s vitamins that you take that strengthens and repairs damaged nails. All the best and should you try it, please keep me posted on your progress.

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