Question: I Had A Baby Last Year, Since Then My Skin Is Very Dry. I Was Using Palmers Body Oil But It’s Not Working Anymore. What Can I Use?

I had a baby last year, since then my skin is very dry. I was using Palmers body oil but it's not working anymore. What can I use?


I’m afraid with the kind of hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy and childbirth and trying to get back to “normal” afterwards, your skin really does go through some significant changes. I would say that you are going to need to go on some really good active ingredients to get that skin well hydrated, nourished and protected. You may also find that after the pregnancy you’re a bit more prone to pigmentation, so that is also something you need to keep a close eye on. I would suggest you let a medical aesthetic therapist have a look at your skin and give you the best product combination for your current condition. There are some really great ranges you could go onto. There are some great products and serums in the Lamelle range, as well as the Nimue environmentally damaged range. You may also want to consider products from Neostrata’s Restore range. So it really is a case of having a close look at what your skin needs, and then getting the right prescription for you. In the meantime, I’d get my hands on some Barrier repair cream from Lamelle and a good broad spectrum SPF. The barrier repair cream can be used morning and night but requires the sunblock on top during the day. That will already get you going in the right direction.

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