Question: I Have A Skin Type 5 And Have Uneven Skin Tone , And Have Small Warts Around My Area What Can I Do To Remove These Warts And Get A Better Skin Tone.Please Help!!

I have a skin type 5 and have uneven skin tone , and have small warts around my area what can i do to remove these warts and get a better skin tone.Please help!!


Thank-you so much for your question. Normally in dark skin types (namely 5’s and 6’s), we often encounter the formation of DPN on the face, often found around the eyes. These appear as small raised lesions that can be described as small warts or small “moles”, and they are much darker than the rest of the skin, giving the skin an uneven look. They are also quite commonly referred to as “Morgan Freeman” spots. Unfortunately there is no cream or product that will take these away. We have to remove these by means of a laser therapy. If you have other areas where the skin is “discoloured” or hyper-pigmented there are many products that can be used to help you treat that particular problem. However, it is important to use the appropriate product for your type of pigmentation, and we need to have a good look at your skin to ensure that we prescribe the most appropriate product for you. This will be determined by the darkness of the pigmentation as well as the depth of the pigmentation. Some pigmented areas may even require special treatments if the pigment is sitting very deep in the skin. If the pigment is sitting in the superficial layers of the skin, it is normally easier to treat. The problem is that we need to have you in front of us so that the proper analysis with Woods Lamps etc can be done. Are you close enough to one of our Skin Renewal Branches to come in and see me or one of our Doctors for a consultation so that we can help you?

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