Question: I Have A Very Sensitive Skin (blush Easily & Very Sensitive To Most Skin Products) But Am Getting Married In October So Want My Skin To Look The Best It Ever Has! What Product House Would You Recommend For My Skin? It Is Usually Oily, But Quite Dehydrated Currently.

I have a very sensitive skin (blush easily & very sensitive to most skin products) but am getting married in October so want my skin to look the best it ever has! What product house would you recommend for my skin? It is usually oily, but quite dehydrated currently.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It’s important to get you ready for the big day!

There are really some incredible treatments and products out there for the treatment of redness and vascularity. Something like a laser genesis treatment for the next couple of months as your prepare for your wedding, in conjunction with a good homecare regime specifically targeted at redness and vascularity and sensitivity. If I may suggest a product in which I have a lot of faith, I would say your best bet is using Skin Medica’s TNS recovery Complex in conjunction with their Redness Relief Calmplex and a very good SPF, should really get you moving swiftly in the right direction. If your skin really concerns you and it is very red and sensitive, you may really want to look at consulting with an aesthetic doctor who really knows the skin as well as good homecare products.

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