Question: I Have Acne And Blackheads On My Face. Which Liquid And Powder Foundation Is Best For My Skin? Please Also Write The Name Of These Foundations.

I have acne and blackheads on my face. Which liquid and powder foundation is best for my skin? Please also write the name of these foundations.


Thank-you very much for this question. I’m going to say right off the bat that make-up, and make-up prescriptions are not really what I specialise in, BUT what you DO need to bear in mind with make-up (especially powders and foundations), is that these (if not formulated well), can cause blockages on the skin and this will result in blackheads and other acne-type lesions. If you are a frequent make-up wearer, your foundation has got to be a very good quality, breathable, non-occlusive product. I am a huge fan of Lycoderm, as it is a “medical” foundation, gives great coverage, has loads of extremely good active ingredients in it, it contains an SPF 50 and it is totally breathable.

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