Question: I Have Adult Acne And Very Oily Skin With Some Pigmentation And Dark Circles Under My Eyes. PLEASE HELP!

I have adult acne and very oily skin with some pigmentation and dark circles under my eyes. PLEASE HELP!


Hello! Your cry for help is not an unusual one, in fact women are more likely to suffer from ongoing acne that commences or reappears during their early adult years. Around 8 % of women have acne persisting into their 30’s and in some it continues into their 40s and occasionally 50s. Why this occurs is poorly understood but may be related to hormones, childbirth, menopause, or stopping the pill. Along with this comes the oily skin, unfortunately. Often pigmentation classified as post inflammatory pigmentation (PIH) can occur in areas of break out. The first thing you need to tackle is getting the acne and oily skin under control, which in turn will start to minimize new post inflammatory pigmentation areas. Then you can start to work on treating the areas of pigmentation. To achieve this we usually recommend a consult with one of our doctors to assess your skin and type of acne you have. Then a combination of home therapies and in office treatments will be prescribed.
Topical therapies include Lamelle Clarity, Neostrata, Nimue or Dermalogica Medi Bac acne range as well as antibiotics and prescription medicines if indicated. In combination, in- clinic treatments will assist in clearing up and healing breakouts as well as stabilizing the skin.
Here is a list of some of the combination treatments available at Skin Renewal to treat acne and improve results:
• Deep Cleanse Facials are cleansing facials which are prescribed every 2 – 4 weeks to remove pustules and comedones so as to facilitate healing of the acne condition with as little damage to the skin as possible
• A Laser Genesis procedure, which is a 5 in one treatment, reduces the size of the sebaceous gland, reduces inflammation in the papule and nodule, reduces pore size and improves acne scarring and pigmentation
• 10% or 15 % TCA Peel overlays to the affected areas improves the active acne lesion as well as improving PIH and acne scarring.
• PDT photo dynamic therapy uses red and blue light therapy to improve acne by destroying bacteria and reducing inflammation in the acne lesion

As each patient’s case is different we will tailor a treatment program specifically for your circumstances and budget. A highly professional team led by a medical doctor assesses every patient and an appropriate combination treatment together with long term maintenance program is recommended.
I trust this answers your question and assists in making your decision to treat and improve your skin!

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