Question: I have adult acne, help!

Hi Maureen I have been sufferting with acne all my life. it cleared up for a while however it has now started again. Please suggest some good Garnier or Neutrogena products for me. or any other drugstore brand. I am on a budget. thanks


Thanks so much for your question. I must tell you that your problem is most likely not related what topical products you’re using. In 99% of cases, acne is related to an internal problem. So it doesn’t really matter what topical product I recommend, that product on its own is simply dealing with a symptom and not addressing the cause. So unless you are prepared to sort out what is triggering the acne in the first place, it’s simply going to keep on recurring. More often than not, the problem of acne is triggered by gut dysbiosis, which in turn messes with your immunity, which in turn messes with all sorts of things in your body including, low grade inflammation in the body and  hormonal imbalances. It is this whole cycle that leads to the problem manifesting as acne on the skin, and unless you sort out the gut dysbiosis, your skin is always going to be a problem. If you’d like to get more info on how to sort this out, you are welcome to have a look at our website:, or simply contact your nearest Health Renewal branch (all info also available on the website). As far as topical products to use goes, you are welcome to use the Neutrogena or Garnier products for problem skin, I unfortunately cannot really give you specifics as I’m not well enough acquainted with their specific products or active ingredients, and perhaps the best idea is to go to the Garnier or Neutrogena counter in your department store and chat to the consultants for those specific products to ensure you have the correct items.

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