I Have An Oily T-Zone That Always Has Breakout And Normal Cheek. Also Alongside From The Temples To The Jaw I Experience Breakout And My Skin Is Uneven Toned. Problem Is When I Use Products For Oily And Combination They Burn The Skin On My Cheekbone And The Eye Area. Now I’m Confused On What Should I Use.

I have an oily T-Zone that always has breakout and normal cheek. Also alongside from the temples to the jaw I experience breakout and my skin is uneven toned. Problem is when I use products for oily and combination they burn the skin on my cheekbone and the eye area. Now I'm confused on what should I use.


Hello and thank you for your question!
Combination skin can be a challenge to get just the right formulation that works specifically for your concerns.

I always follow the principles of CLEANSE & EXFOLIATE & TONE > SERUMS > CORRECT SKIN PROBLEMS > FEED > HYDRATE > PROTECT when giving skin care advice to my patients.

By using a toner you will balance the pH of your skin which will then assist you in effectively treating your skin without causing breakouts or skin dryness. The next step is to get your breakouts and oiliness under control with an effective skin care regime. Clarity by Lamelle is a unique and effective skin care range for oily (even if in T-Zone) skin and managing breakouts. Clarity by Lamelle addresses this problem with the ‘inside- out’ principle that incorporates a topical treatment range together with an oral supplement. The Clarity range incorporates specialized and encapsulated ingredients to synergistically address excess sebum production, blackheads and breakouts as well as the secondary concerns that include dark marks, scarring, skin dryness and sensitivity. Getting into a regime of monthly Deep Cleanse facials will also assist in balancing your skin and avoiding breakouts.

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