Question: I Have Been Noticing That My Hair Gets Extremely Tangled And Knotty After The Shower. I’m Using A De-tangling Serum To Help But Some Of The Knots Are Still Persistent. Any Tips?

I have been noticing that my hair gets extremely tangled and knotty after the shower. I'm using a de-tangling serum to help but some of the knots are still persistent. Any tips?


Hi Arusha!
 I don’t think that a serum is going to be enough as it only coats the surface of the hair. Using a good conditioner normally gets knots out and it is always best to combe the hair through with the conditoner still in your hair. The best detangling conditioner that I have used is from MATRIX and its called Moisture Cure (R155). This takes out all knots and conditions the hair without weighing it down.
happy combing!
MIRRORS hair lab

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