Question: I have dark circles, help!

Hi Dr Maureen. I have a dark under-eye circle, only under my right eye. I've been using Nivea Q10 Plus eye cream for quite a while but it has made absolutely no difference. I was really disappointed because the cream was quite pricey. What would you recommend? Thanks!


Thank you very much for your enquiry. What you need to remember is that you need to first ascertain what has caused the dark under eye circle/s before you can decide on a treatment plan. If those dark circles are caused by poor drainage from under the eye (which is actually quite common), you need to use products and treatment that specifically work on this (E.g. Carboxytherapy under eye treatment). If those circles are caused because you have something wrong internally, (E.g. issues with your kidneys can cause dark under eye circles), then no amount of cream you apply is going to take them away, you need to sort out the cause. In some cases (and this is quite possibly the problem in YOUR particular case), if someone has large, superficial veins under the eyes (and remember the skin under your eyes is very thin compared to the rest of your skin), then it may very well be that it’s the colour of your under-eye veins that you are seeing through the skin. If that is the case, again, no amount of cream you apply will take that away. In that case, you may need a small little touch of filler under the eyes, to create a bit more volume in that area, so that this does not show so much. But to be very honest with you, I would like to take a look at your skin and the under eye, before I can really give you the best advice. Are you close enough to any of our Skin Renewal branches so that I or one of our very capable doctors can take a look for you? You can find us on

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