Question: I Have Dark Marks/spots On My Feet, I’m Going To A Wedding In Few Weeks Time And I Brought A Short Dress. I Need A Product Or Something That Can Cover Those Ugly Marks Just For That Night.. Pls Help

I have dark marks/spots on my feet, I'm going to a wedding in few weeks time and I brought a short dress. I need a product or something that can cover those ugly marks just for that night.. Pls help


The quickest and easiest advice I can give you for this is to get a foundation that matches your skin colour on your feet and just blend it properly when you apply it. Alternatively, you could also consider applying a good self-tan product, such as St Tropez which is a very natural looking tan. In the long-term, of course, if and when you get around to it, I would suggest trying to treat the problem. There are some really wonderful options for uneven pigmentation. But for a one nighter, I’d say get yourself a good foundation that matches the colour on your feet.

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