Question: I Have Had My Nails Done Professionally, Specifically Gel Nails, However My Thumbs Nail Beds Got Hurt And Now My Thumb Nails Are Out Of Shape And Got Grooves And Just Doesn’t Grow Right. Can This Be Fixed?

I have had my nails done professionally, specifically gel nails, however my thumbs nail beds got hurt and now my thumb nails are out of shape and got grooves and just doesn't grow right. Can this be fixed?



Your nails are likely to have these ridges because when applying gel or acrylic to it, the technician needs to do a lot of buffing to ensure the end result is completely perfect. The ridges might be there for a while before you see your nails get back to normal, but not to worry they will return to their old shape. Try using a cuticle or matrix oil on your nails and if there’s a major problem go to the person who did it for you and ask them to advise you on products that you can use to prevent any further breakage.

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