Question: I Have Heavily Congested Skin Which Typically Only Breaks Out Underneath Or On The Jaw Line. What Would Be The Best In Salon Peel To Use, And What Product Range?

I have heavily congested skin which typically only breaks out underneath or on the jaw line. What would be the best in salon peel to use, and what product range?


Thank-you so much for your query. There are a few details we need to know before just prescribing chemical peels, as there are so many to choose from and we’d really need to make the best decision based on some very important details, such as: 1) Is your skin extremely sensitive? 2) How old are you? 3) Do you also suffer from an uneven skin tone? (patches of discolouration where you’ve had your break outs?) 4) Is your skin always oily or do you have patches of dryness as well? If I were to safely, prescribe a product range without having seen your skin, or not knowing too much detail, I would say that I would look at some of the products from Lamelle’s Clarity Range. I understand from your question, that you’re quite keen to try a chemical peel, but also understand that peels are not your only option, and may not necessarily be what you need. I would really advise you to have your skin looked at and analysed by an aesthetic Dr.

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