Question: I Have Horrible Dark Rings Under My Eyes. I Get More Than Enough Sleep But My Mom And Gran Have The Same So I Think It’s Hereditary. What Can I Do To Minimize Them?

I have horrible dark rings under my eyes. I get more than enough sleep but my mom and gran have the same so I think it's hereditary. What can I do to minimize them?


There are some great products and treatments for dark circles around the eyes. Our most effective, long term treatment that gives almost immediate results is to have filler under the eyes. This is great as you would only need to repeat this procedure once a year, and of course it’s a “quick fix”. Of course you would want to still apply a good product that will look after the skin around the eye area, and in this case I would recommend the use of Illuminating eye cream by Skin Medica or Dermal Eye Repair by Skin Medica. The Bionic Eye cream from Neostrata is also a great option. Other treatments that you may wish to consider (if you’re not keen on having filler), is laser or carboxy (or a combination of these), around the eyes, and again one of the creams to maintain the health and suppleness and strength of the skin around the eyes.

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