Question: I Have Lost 75kg Over The Last Year (2011) And Am Having A Lot Of Excess Skin. Is There Any Product That I Can Use To Assist In Reducing The Excess Skin, Since I Do Not Want To Consider Surgery At This Stage?

I have lost 75kg over the last year (2011) and am having a lot of excess skin. Is there any product that I can use to assist in reducing the excess skin, since I do not want to consider surgery at this stage?


Congratulations on your weight loss! Loose skin after significant weight loss is a common complaint and difficult to deal with. Now that you have got your weight under control, you want to regain the skin’s tightness. Managing the loose skin is an important part of your weight loss journey. The amount of excess skin after weight loss depends on how much weight you lose and the quality of your skin.

An exercise regime is the first step in toning your muscles and tightening your skin after weight loss. When exercise isn’t enough, cosmetic procedures for excess skin may help:
• Non- invasive Titan Laser, Radiofrequency and Carboxytherapy treatments. One can tighten the skin by addressing the dermis. As the dermis regenerates after a laser, radiofrequency treatment or carboxytherapy treatment generates collagen to help tighten the area treated.
• This is not an option if you have a lot of hanging or excess skin, because there is simply too much to manage. One would then need to look at cosmetic surgery options.

A consult with one of Skin Renewal doctors would assist in determining whether you are a suitable candidate for the non-invasive treatments. Treatment of Carboxytherapy in combination with skin tightening procedures such as Titan®, and Radiofrequency is producing significant results.

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