Question: I have marks from shaving, what can I do?

Hi Shaving leaves me with irritated and itchy skin.. Therefore I end up with hideous marks on my legs. Is there something I can do to avoid that? And how can I remove the marks that's already there?


Thank you for your question. Sadly this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many people have this exact problem. For some people the solution is easy as changing the products with which you shave. If you use soap, this is a very common problem when shaving with soap. Changing to a proper, good quality shaving cream may very well make a huge improvement. Other people find it a better option to turn to waxing as their preferred method of hair removal. For others, they need to make the investment, and have Laser Hair Removal treatments, taking away the need to shave. So it really depends on what is triggering this problem with your skin when you shave. As for getting rid of the marks that are already there, you need to start using a good, moisturising SPF product on your legs on a daily basis. Very often, marks are left on the skin, if you have had some irritation and then gone outside into the sunlight without protecting the skin. This does not necessarily mean sun tanning. It can be as simple as walking around between the shops on a Saturday morning, wearing a pair of shorts with unprotected skin. So those would be the first things that I would change, and then reassess in 6 – 8 weeks.

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