Question: I Have Noticed In The Last Month Or So, Especially Just After Washing My Hair, That On The Front Section I Have These White Ends On Some Of My Hair Strands – It Almost Looks Like A Casing Around The Folicle. My Head Isn’t Itchy, I Have Used Anti Dandruff Shampoos But Nothing Makes It Go Away. What Could It Be?? It’s Less Visable When My Hair Is Dry But It Really Looks Like I Have Something Gross Going On With My Hair. If I Have To Go And Ask Someone What It Is – Who Would You Go To And Ask – Pharmacist, Hairdresser?? Many Thanks

I have noticed in the last month or so, especially just after washing my hair, that on the front section I have these white ends on some of my hair strands - it almost looks like a casing around the folicle. My head isn't itchy, I have used anti dandruff shampoos but nothing makes it go away. What could it be?? It's less visable when my hair is dry but it really looks like I have something gross going on with my hair. If I have to go and ask someone what it is - who would you go to and ask - pharmacist, hairdresser?? Many thanks


Hi there, it sounds as though you have damaged ends – split ends. It will be great if you could go to your nearest Carlton Hair for them to have a look. If we can’t fix it then we would suggest going to the doctor. We do have a range though for hair problems so hopefully we have something that will work for you :) All the best!

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