Question: I Have Noticed That After I Wash My Fash My Skin Is Left Rather Dry… What Worries Me Is The Condition Of The Dry Patches As It Looks Scaly. Do I Have To Vist A Dermatolgist Or Must I Just Moisturise?

I have noticed that after I wash my fash my skin is left rather dry... what worries me is the condition of the dry patches as it looks scaly. Do I have to vist a dermatolgist or must I just moisturise?


I would suggest that you re-look your skin care regime. Often this complaint is as a result of using the wrong type of cleanser and moisturiser for your skin. However, it is quite difficult to assess whether or not this may be the issue in your case as other things come into play, such as your skin type, your age, whether or not you are on any medication or have changed anything in your routine of late… My suggestion is that you visit an aesthetic doctor who can appropriately consult your on your skin condition and on the best home care products to use to give you best results for your specific skin type and condition.

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