Question: I Have Oily Skin But Gets Dry And Flaky With Moisturiser For Oily Skin. It Gets Small Rash When Very Sunny And Becomes Oily. What Product Can I Use?

I have oily skin but gets dry and flaky with moisturiser for oily skin. It gets small rash when very sunny and becomes oily. What product can I use?


Hi there. You have asked a really great, but very tricky question. The problem is that we need to determine the actual cause of your problem. It could be the use of incorrect products. It could be an allergy, it could be sun induced. To determine that, we would have to consult with you and have a good lok at your skin, up close and personal. I will say this… I would suggest that you are careful of just using any random moisturizer. Choose a product that is going to be full of the right active ingredients for your skin. It does seem to me, from your description, that you are having issues with your skin’s barrier, otherwise you wouldn’t have flaking and oiliness at the same time… so if you want me to give you some “generic advice”, I would suggest that you get yourself Lamelle’s barrier repair cream, and a really good sunblock. Use these every day for the next 8 weeks, and then re-assess your skin. Sometimes, it’s a case of just getting the skin’s protective barrier repaired and then you are able to choose a good active that works for you. Again, I will stress that a good sun protection product is essential to be used every day. If you’d prefer to rather consider proper treatment and product prescription, I would suggest that you come in to one of our clinics and let’s have a proper look at your skin and get you on the right track from day one.

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