Question: I Have Read About Threading As A Way To Pluck Eyebrows. I Don’t Really Get It Though. Why Would I Choose Threading Over Just Plain Plucking? I Ask Because I Have Quite Bushy Eyebrows And You Seem To Have Perfect Ones, Judging By Your Pic!

I have read about threading as a way to pluck eyebrows. I don't really get it though. Why would I choose threading over just plain plucking? I ask because I have quite bushy eyebrows and you seem to have perfect ones, judging by your pic!


Hi Shelly,
Ah, eyebrows! I fuss over perfect eyebrows, because its so essential to perfect make-up. There are various ways to shape your eyebrows, and various opinions on which method is the best. Plucking is easy to do from home, however, it damages the hair follicles and can cause hair to stop growing back. This seems fine, until you’re older and need thicker eyebrows to make you look youthful! Over-plucking can lead to patches of hair that just won’t grow back; the result? uneven eyebrows, and having to fill in with a pencil.

Threading (I do this method, if you see in my picture, my eyebrows had just been threaded!) is a great option, but it is highly dependant on the skill of the beautician doing it for you. If done correctly, threading creates crisp, clean lines and minimal redness.It also removes hair faster and from the root – so it doesn’t damage the skin and follicles. The downside is that it is a little painful (but worth it!) and the standard fee is around R25 (so it won’t break your bank).

My opinion – trash the tweezers!

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