Question: I Have Read Very Often That One Must Try To Exfoliate At Least Once A Week, However, I Use A Light Exfoliator On My Face And Body Every Day – Is This Too Much? Can One OVER-exfoliate?

I have read very often that one must try to exfoliate at least once a week, however, I use a light exfoliator on my face and body every day - is this too much? Can one OVER-exfoliate?


 Hi there. What you have read is absolutely correct. There are, as you say, mild exfoliating products that can be used daily without any problems. Nimue for example is based on daily exfoliation with AHA’s. Neostrata’s products also encourage daily mild exfoliation, and these are absolutely fantastic. So yes, doing a very gentle daily exfoliation can be very beneficial. On the flip side, if you are not using a MILD product and you are scrubbing or using very active exfoliators daily, you can most certainly overdo it and then you end up with a whole heap of problems, such as redness, sensitivity, breakouts, unwanted pigmentation etc

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