Question: I Have Recently Developed Age Spots And Not Sure What To Use To Lighten Or Will They Go Away? I Have Tried A Darker Foundation But You Can See The Foundation Is Too Dark For Me… Please Help!

I have recently developed age spots and not sure what to use to lighten or will they go away? I have tried a darker foundation but you can see the foundation is too dark for me... Please help!


OK, age spots are a common problem, and really it just takes the right homecare regime and correct therapy to get them under control and then keep them at bay. You need to be on a good broad spectrum sunblock, everyday… even when it’s raining outside! You need to be on products that will cause the pigmentation to be inhibited and give your skin overall brightening, such as Lamelle’s Luminesce products, or Lumixyl or Nimue’s Pigmentation “faders” etc, and I would definitely suggest an oral skin care supplement such as Ovelle. I also would think that we’d need to treat the spots that have already formed, so that would require something like a few sessions of Limelight (which is a type of laser), or alternatively spot peels to get that pigmentation lifted. If you really want to wear a treatment foundation to cover up your skin, then I would suggest you try Lycogel. It is an incredible treatment foundation with great anti-inflammatory ingredients (which, believe it or not, will also assist in bringing down flares of pigmentation) and it contains an SPF 30.

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